grew up in Germany.  Familiar with the wonders of Alpine 

splendor, her love of nature was amplified by her artistic  talent.

In 1985 her love of art and flowers found a passionate outlet.

Inspired by "My Book of Flowers" by the late Princess Grace of Monaco,

Ingrid began studying the Victorian art of flower pressing.

It is sometimes hard to believe that the flowers are real! They ARE, many grown in Ingrid's garden, then skillfully preserved in a variety of special presses. The flowers become the vibrant colorful art meticulously crafted with a good deal of patience.

Ingrid has won many awards and honors for her floral masterpieces, including blue and other color ribbons at the prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show as well as garden clubs, etc.

After moving to Maui, HI and getting acquainted with the local floral abundance, Ingrid entered and was accepted to show one of her creations in the annual Art Maui Show.




The Artist in her Studio

In addition to creating lifelike garden scenes, Ingrid uses her pressed flowers as a medium to "paint" pictures, including flowering wreaths and arrangements, landscapes, Christmas scenes, and even an underwater world teeming with tropical fish. For some scenes, the petals or leaves are taken apart and placed strategically to achieve the look the artist wants. Photos below show some of the amazing details of this creation!